Happy Accident


Block them out.

I don’t want to hear them.

I don’t want to see them.

I don’t want to know,


isn’t as easy

as any story,

we were told.


Whoever said

that it would be

so simple,

didn’t know the hour,

or the day.

Everybody’s playing

their own angle.

Everyone is trying

to get paid,

and if they save anyone,

it’s just a happy accident.


They’ll take the adulations

with the gold,

but his life

is hellish

for the powerless,

who get nothing

in exchange for their souls.


Struggle is a virtue.

Pain is currency.

Absolutely perfect,

your uncertain certainties.

As bold as a prediction

that bad things come in threes,

but all your superstitions

serve to keep you on your knees,

and any consolation

is just

a happy accident.


Lost our keys,

our marbles,

and our sense.

Watching this play out

has been the greatest

form of entertainment


Saturday morning cartoons.

Thank you.

Thank all of you.



HG – 2021

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