The world is yours.

It was given to you

by our grandfather,

who was given it to him

by his grandfather,

and so on,

and so on,

all the way back

to the beginning.


In the beginning,

the Creator made the land,

and the water,

and the sky,

and all the birds in it.


He made the mountains,

and the grasslands,

and the high tundra,

and the low deserts,

and filled each of these

with animals of their kind.



He made Man,

and gave Man a piece

of His divine Spirit,

that Man might see

this great creation

and know

that it was God

that made it.


The world is yours.

This world

is your birthright.

So, you must wonder

why it would reject you?


Why does it allow you

to be beaten,

and to be conquered?

Why does it allow


and disease,

and death to stalk amongst you?

Why does the very land itself

send fire,

and flood,

and disaster against you?


The world is yours.

Did you not love Her?

Did you neglect Her

in your quest for power,

or spurn Her

for your petty ambitions?


Did you cease

to care for the creatures

that are Her children,

and seek dominion

where you should have sought



Did you give yourself over

to hateful spirits,

that hate this world

and everything in it?


Are you the one

that is responsible

for this world

rejecting you?


The world is yours.

Will you ever realize

the work you must do

to be worthy of Her?



HG – 2022

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