The Eleventh Hour


Child of the new world,

who told you what to believe?

Gave you every piece of information,

but held our own counsel

in context?


I see you stepping out

on your first steps

of your first journey.

Too vain to be afraid,

something that we did to you.


Did we tell you

it’s a lie?

If we did,

then you approach the world

with the faulty logic

of the Nihilist.

A Deadman’s switch

in the place

where your heart should be.


Did we tell you

it’s for certain?

No greater crime

I can conjure up a vision for,

because this world

and those who exist in it,

are a subjective experience.


Facts are meaningless,

if one simply

does not care.


This new world

is a grifter.

A handshake,

with a knife

in the left hand,

hidden behind the back,

while perfect teeth

smile a rictus grin

that never touches the eyes.


I hope we have taught you

early on

how to spot the wolf,

but there are many these days,

ever since we lifted the bounty.

In this new world,

you will have to learn

to live, and to grow.


I know

 that we

were not the best forerunners,

but I hope,

in the eleventh hour

it is not too late for you

to do what we did not.



Stand under the sky

and exist.

Shed the mantle

of expectation

and let a million universes

of possibility

unfold before you.


Choose right.

Not what is right

for humanity,

or the planet,

or the people on it.

Choose what’s right for you,

what calls you

in your soul.

Only then,

will it make sense.



HG – 2021

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