Live Poetry


Fill every page

with words.

Fill every moment

with life,

pain and experience,

love and its consequence,

until we go.


Let every step

through this world

be a movement

set to music.

A slow waltz,

a quick step,

a long withdrawal.


Eyes shine

as if beholding love

in the first and every

succeeding image.

Why not be

your most alive?


Curious mind,

what drives you higher?

What makes you take

the mountain tops

and then the sky?

Glowing with inspiration,

you set our world alight,

burning through the sky

on your way to the stars.




may I

ask you for a moment?

Can you take the time

away from your young children

to let me

ask this simple question?

“Will you teach them

how to live poetry?”


Faded by a mind’s insistence,

bitterness grows.

The eventualities

of sickness,


and utter devastation

wrack a body,

and heart,

and mind

with such anguish.


It is very easy to fall apart,

and some of us do,

so beautifully.

Perfect little disasters

that show us,

that is not the way.


The wide-open eyes

behold the breadth of life.

Far and wide,

a whole world of experience.


I want to fill

every space

with words,

with blood,

with life.

Until it sings

a beautiful song

of living poetry.



HG – 2021

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