Fly on the Wall


I need something


The pain in my head

just won’t go away.

I’m waiting

for the drugs to kick in,

but they don’t want

to come out and play.


Woke up this morning

and took up my war

with the sky.

Didn’t win anything,

but I didn’t die.

So, I guess

we’ll go again

some other time.


I need something special,

the days are getting light.

I’m going on again

about things

that trigger

my mind.


Conversations going down,

I do my best as a fly.

Take it in,

digestion from the outside.

What’s it going to take

to get me to bite?


I need something actual,

virtual life

is just an imprisoned eye.

I’m not alive

if I can’t feel the cold,

or fold myself up and hide.


Cover of sorrow

to make the day alright.

I just borrow

another outstanding sign.


Fading away

is like a cursor blinking.

See me,

but I’m not interacting.

I need something,

something lasting.



HG – 2021

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