Hang On


Holding on;


that’s all we have to do.

The world

rains down a barrage

of bad fortune

and easily made bad decisions,

then follows that up

with tragedy,

after tragedy,

after tragedy.


It’s no wonder we break.

it’s no wonder we let go.

It’s no wonder

that we would find it preferable

to disappear

inside the fantasies

of our own imaginations,

than face the awful reality.

It’s no wonder

that we would rather

snort, smoke and inject

the pain away.


We would rather lose ourselves

in a hedonistic orgy

 of sucking and fucking,

and forgetting,

that once our minds

are wrung dry

of every last drop

of dopamine,

that horrible world

is still waiting

and now,

we are no match for it

at all.


We used to be kings and queens.

We used to stride this planet

from the mountains to the sea

and have no fear

of looking up to the sky

and wrestling with God.


meeting the Divine Creature;

struck blind,

and deaf,

and dumb

in His presence,

but shooting for the double-leg anyway.

Rad shit.



all we can do

is hang on.

Hang on,

until we can see the light

at the end of this

perpetually dark season.

Hang on,

as time is what it takes

to get healthy,

and to stay clean.


Hang on,

and do the good things,

until good habits

replace the bad ones.

Hang on,

because there is still

good in the world.

There is still good in you.

Hang on.



HG – 2021

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