Acrimony and Sacred Places


Bitter is the way

we’ve become,

but what else could we be?

We held all the answers

in our hands,

walked the path of Truth

with our feet,

reached up

and brought down stars

to light the darkness

of our ignorance

with our bare hands.


I’m not sure

when we lost our innocence.

Something drew me

away from you,

just as it drew you

away from me.

Two that made one.

A unity divided

by toxic self interest.


you became cold,

clinging only to your vices.

I felt betrayed

and I

fell down into my identity.


Facets and trappings

became religious symbols.

You mocked me

and I hated you for it.


you found a way

to dispose of me,

and then you hated me

for being


Cast me aside

and wished,

quite publicly,

that I

had never existed.


I see where this is going,

so I

am moving the Hell on.

I don’t want to fight you.

God knows,

we’ve got enough enemies

that need fighting.

I’m just so confused,

but in the end,

I don’t have to understand.

Love is patient,

love is kind,

and it doesn’t do well

in conditions demanded of it.


So sick of being bitter.

There is just too much

good and beautiful

in this life

to hold a heart

full of bitterness.

You’ll find me

when you need me.

You know all my

sacred spaces.

I wish you would join me there.



HG – 2021

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