A Venture


We are now awake,

unsure if we will ever

sleep again.

Inhabiting this foreign hour,

unexposed and remain depleted.

We didn’t know the world

even existed outside

of our common timeline.


This is an intrusion,

and we are the intruders.

seeing real light,

the universe,

before we touch it.

Washing it out

with the greys

and painting its face

with garish colors.


We are not of this place,

and yet it is our hometown.

Strange, but welcoming.

We find ourselves


by the incomprehensible,

and we are not afraid.


We are terrified;

almost back into consciousness

of the type we knew before.

The bitter light

that drown out the stars.

We waited for the day

that death would come

and steal us home,

but we wasted away

under the yoke of our

chosen oppressors.


We are awake,

and I don’t think

we’ll ever sleep again.

For even when our eyes close

they see

only that vast alien ocean

of infinite stars,

suffused with soft light,

as if from nowhere.


We don’t exist here

in the same way

we did last year,

and I don’t think

we ever will.

Creatures of a new domain.

Beings called home

by some unreal voice.


but a trip through entropy

in the midst of an eternal existence.


Wake up.



HG – 2021

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