Describing the Abyss


The words

that made the most sense

an hour ago,

now don’t seem

to say anything at all.

It’s like,

trying to express

the intangible,

or maybe

describe the void.


Trouble doesn’t find me


not like it used to.

I’ve made a point,

learned to avoid

the snakes

and pitfalls.


I’ve play a game

with higher falls,

and wiser serpents.


Traded in my masters

for some higher power.

That leash

will become a noose,

as surely

as the ones I tied myself.


Focus on the words.

Describe the abyss.

How do you put

a patch over the hole

in your life?


The work awaits.

It’s good

and honest.

The starry sky

pulls my eyes up,

away from the gaping maw

of the abyss

and for a moment,

I can trade

one darkness

for another.


The words

seem to have found me.

I don’t think

that I did my work

in describing the abyss

with very well,

but I know I will be back

to try again tomorrow.



HG – 2021

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