Thing that was part of me,

now so dead and ugly.

Self-care and self-abuse,

these are sacred tenets.


Chased all my friends away.

Let my accusers to victory.

Jumped into the fray

and hoped

I would take them all with me.


I acted alone.

I gave away my sorrows.

I make a better world

with the push of a button.


Ask me how

I got

to be

so brave.

Ask me

how I

earned my name,

and I’ll tell it again.


Recount to your friends

how all of this began.

No petty recollections.

I kept the bones of everything

for later recreations.


The dead can dance,

the dead can sing,

so, I guess


we do

is for nothing.


Saying good-bye

to who we were

is a one-handed embrace,

while the other holds a blade.


I never asked for much,

I asked for everything.

Then, when it was mine,

I let it all go again,

but too late.


All those missing parts of me

would never have survived




HG – 2021

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