Mend away your smile.

So hard to see in this new spectrum.

The light doesn’t play

the same way it did

before you were reckoned.


Breathe deep

and let go.

Just enjoy the feeling

of feeling free

for the first time

in your life.


I like to think,

this is how fledglings feel

the first time they step

off of the ledge

and their wings catch them.



you don’t need the tree

is the freedom feeling.


you’ll soar high above them.


This is how it is

when they cut the tie.

I see it in your eyes.

Severed and cauterized.

The fear

of being



Remember this my child.

We always survive.

We stay alive

despite the times.

All these things

fade away,

so, let’s untie that smile.


Turns out they needed you

more than you needed them.

It’s your turn

to step

out of the nest.


It’s your turn

to feel your wings

catch you

and you begin

to circle



you’re looking down

on everything.


The truth is,

we were born wild

and all this

is a lie.



keeping you


‘til you die.


So, fly.

Don’t be afraid.

There’s more than one kind

of life to make

and you

can go

your own way.



HG – 2021

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