Dirt Track Landing


It’s tough to see

with a clear eye.

These tears fall

and freeze in winter time.

No looking back,

even if I did,

I wouldn’t see

the summer time.


Made my choice.

Picked a direction

and rode that vector in.

Called it home,

where one life ends

and another begins.


I pushed every muscle,

every moment,

every thought,

to get me back up to

the same ledge

I fell off.

I watched it all go

and never once felt lost

on my way home;

the only way I’ve got.


The wind is gonna blow

and the end is gonna call,

but I know,

when the mountains start to grow,

that left my past behind.

I’m inclined

to take a chance

at letting myself have

some good things, now.


My plane is landing

on an old, dirt track

that’s usually a road.

Coming in from somewhere

that I’d rather not talk about.


I watch the land jump

as we come to a stop

 and my feet touch the ground.


I take a deep breath in,

and even though

there’s no one around,

I know

I’ve come home.



HG – 2021

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