Boring One


Long gone

the love again.

Never was once


Hunger for


comfort and grace



What it was

was never what it was.

Sold to you to be

and you bought it,


When you learned

that contempt

wouldn’t feed you,

you turned you eyes


for the first time.


Never would have guessed

you would have been so

one dimensional.

I admit

that I thought more of you,

but responses were just pitiful.



from the petulance

of a child.


Exaggerating the meaning,

not understanding scale.


and violent,

but without capacity entailed.

So, just whining

and ignorant,

and boringly predictable.

You could have been anything.

You could do the impossible.


Subtle awareness.

A creature so well tuned.

We failed you,

so blind to the obvious,

and now

all you want is revenge,

for crimes

you made up in your head.


Trust me;

you don’t want a war

over all of this.

No one wins,

and you have so much to lose.

You feel


but the whole world

around you

does too.


Easily disappointed,

let down,

passed over.

Conniving just to get your way,

but nature wins

one hundred percent

of the battles,

and you’re gonna find out

one day.


This is just so boring.



HG – 2021

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