More Than Memory


There’s something about us

that lingers,

that’s more than memory.

Not the world

we manipulate,

but our energy.


Songs that change the words,

when we’re here

and when we’re gone.


even changes our desire

for oxygen.


So much more than just our cells.

So much more than books on shelves.

Our minds,

our lives,


interact with everything.


When we’re here

and when we’re gone,

we change something,


and fundamental,

like gravity.


The whole world


just a little differently,

with us,


without us.



we’re nothing special,

but to someone else,

we’re a miracle.

An answer

to a prayer,



Nothing of account.

The greatest,

or the least of us.

Rich or poor,

is not how our value

is determined.


Not gold,

or rings,

or things that disappear

in time.

There’s something about us

that we leave behind,

that’s more

than  memory.



HG – 2021

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