Make It



trying to make it

make sense,

make light,

make a point.

Make it hold some kind of order,



Tying with wire,

building with stones,

only to have it all

come down.


We wonder how

we can make it.

Our eyes see the world,

skin feels the touch,

mind thinks the thoughts,

and our hearts pump,

keeping us moving on

towards the end.

Why not bring a friend?


Why go alone,

into the unknown?


 you learn

you’re still on your own.



are systems,

just like any other,

subject to chaos,

and order,

and entropy.

What does it all mean?


We watch the world

build their spires,

higher and higher,

but we

still expire

so quickly.


Trying to make it

make sense,

make love,

make progress


something meaningful.


Trying to make it.

Make it good.



HG – 2021

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