Chasing Memories Out


Confronting the lurking fear,

the heart quickens,

muscles tense.

The dark corner,

never before approached,

but growing

only darker.


Born pristine,

white light suffused

an open space.

No corner,

no crease,

no imperfection,

for a crumb of corruption

to take hold.


And then,

the first time

reality is shattered,

creates a fracture

and a hidden space

to drive the fear.

Life goes on

and some have many days

with many fractures.


Their reality,

a broken down façade.

Inside, a labyrinth

of dark corners,

each holding

a memory

of an atrocity.

Their heart and mind

a convoluted

spider’s web

of fear and terror.


Holding a light

in the hand.

One step,

and then another.

Bravery drives those

who can enter

and illuminate

the dark and foul corners.

Chasing memories out.

They cry as they depart.

The stained visage of reality,

still shattered,

but less haunted.


Clearing out the rubble

left after destruction

is not easy,

and made only harder

by what lurks

in those dark corners.


It will never be

that clean, wide open place.


not in this life,

but there is

a wonderful beauty

in how the light


and is magnified

from within

a shattered life




HG – 2021

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