To Live Well


Remember what they gave you,

lines and limitations.

A beating every other reason,

or a random ridicule.


Sharpen everything they shattered.

Knife from ego,

spear from bone.

Know that when they come

to get you,

many won’t be going home.


Forgive and forget,

and walk away,

and live well,

but dreams can be

their own special

kind of hell.


You’re never going

to show them

they were wrong,

or win them over

to your side.

The world,

or you;

someone has to die.


Seek out all the things

that keep you breathing

day to day.

The painful waking.

Tears have fallen,

body shaking.

Say the words,

voice quaking.


All the liquor

in the world

could never drown the pain.

All the drugs

that you would need

won’t fit in your veins.


Wait for the sun

to come

and make them pay.

Every single day.

They say

“Revenge is a cold way to live.”

Ask them

what sins

they’ve had to forgive.


Ask them

if they know

the hand of love.

Ask them

what their dreams

are made of.


There’s only one way

out of where you are.

Sweep the world clean

when you go.

Victory is seldom seen

and we’re wishing you

a better everything.



HG – 2021

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