Once Beauty


Beauty was once

both your succor

and your poison.

Stinging nettles

still flower,

warding the fox,

but home the rabbit.


Curious as you oppose

yourself at every

march and stumble.

The gaze that once

withered the modicum

falls slate grey.


Youthful countenance as lightning,

flay the skin with just a gaze.

Age disarms the greatest warriors,

takes the edge off the blade.


Those that feared

are mocking glances.

Invitations cease to come.

Power at our fingertips

is gone

when you reach out.


Those who’ve never been

beautiful or statuesque,

will never know

the creeping knives of time,

as they work atrocities.


Beauty born into the world

blossoms in its season,

but those with a long enough vision

can watch the petals fall

from every rose.


Pray you’ve gained you way

to power,

beyond superficial tricks

and manipulations

of lust and insecurities

of men and women.


Hope you have been kind,

so that the world

does not seek

to revenge itself on you;

the beauty

of a season passed.



HG – 2021

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