A Life in Full


Bring me Death;

that angel,

fallen star,


of sin and God.


of want and pain,


of the vain living.


Bring me life;

that shattered jar,

spilling out

bright countenance.

Bring me joy

and ample sun

to shine upon

my fleeting being.


There is no course

of “come and go”,

quite like this

lit menagerie

of conflict

and contentment grown

in a garden of our



Bring me weakness,

bring me strength,

appointed unto me

in timely measure.


Let no word

contain the soul,

but that

which begins

in the mouth of God.


Bring me Heaven.

Bring me Hell.

Leave no bit

of this unportioned.


When I shuffle off

to cross the river,

I wish that you

know I was favored

with every breath,

with every smile;

a life in full.



HG – 2021

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