The Edge


I see you

walking the edge.

Not sure you’re even aware.


the waves

smash the rocks,

and above you,

only empty air.


Where are you going today?

Into the memory?

Or, are you wide awake,

riding the line,

because it’s

the only certainty.


Day to day,

you have problems.

Always another on line.

The good in this world

is so often hidden

away from your eyes.


Everything feels like a lie.

The quotient is damage exposed.

You think

you want  what you want,

but inside you know.


It’s all fake,

it’s all false,

it’s all wrong;

all synthesized.

The only things

that keep you sane

are out here

on the line.


The way this place

takes everything away

and offers nothing

in respite.

It takes the days

all fading

into one, long,

never ending night.


Make your way

out to the edge

of everything you know

is wrong and right,

and walk

along the drop,

so you can feel

what it’s like

to be alive.


I see you

out there,

and I understand.


on the edge;

please, come back.



HG – 2021

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