Bird Man


Yearning for your eloquence,

the trials of a simpler day

described by eyes and mind,

voiced so perfectly.

Receding underground,

almost performing from backstage.

We heard your call

from miles around

and we came.


Bird man,

your wings spread wide

and covered us.

They carried you

on higher winds.


Bird man,

you showed us

glimpses of the end

and how our story begins.


With a smile

to mock the Devil,

a hint of Sulphur

your cologne.

A glass of wine

of subtle aging,

tasting painful notes

of losing home.


Quick of wit,

but slow to violence,

even though

that’s how you won your throne.

All I hear these days

is silence

and it makes me miss you more.


Bird man,

in your aviary castle

you reside.

No peace amongst

insanity outside.

You grip the love

and hold the gun

and live your life,

while we all

struggle ’til we die.


Bird man,

what is shit

and what is art?

Do you have the heart

to help us tell

the world apart

from the hell

we’re bound to start?


Bird man,

let me listen to your song.

Bird man,

we’re gonna miss you when you’re gone.



HG – 2021

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