The lies we tell

each other.

The lies we tell


There’s something


that leads us both

straight down to Hell.


There are ideas,

and then there are


One hand to save us,

the other holding

our damnation.

So surprising

we let go

of our own


to cling to

the lies

that we


in our



I’m through

with holding you up,

your excuse,

it’s the truth.

I’m sick of my lies;

they don’t fly,

just sit on the roof

and watch with their eyes

when I go outside,

the want me to die

and eat my insides.

While I’m alive,

I watch them

as they take my eyes.


All this to keep

from hurting.

Look at all the pain

we caused.

We lied to ourselves


and cried to God,

then ignored Him

every time He called.


It’s no wonder

we live in fear

and pain.

It’s clear

we can’t sustain

the truth

for long enough

to keep us sane.


We keep running back

to the things

we create,

thinking they

will erase

our mistakes.

Taking things

to take away our pain,

and when we awake

from our narcotic state

we see that nothing’s changed.


We’re always

just one step away

from salvation

and the grave.

The choice

was always ours to make.

So, I keep on praying

that we’ll forsake


for the truth, today.


It doesn’t have to be

this way.



HG – 2021

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