Recovery Position



the vice that grips you.


the sour aftertaste.

Bloodshot eyes,

and perforations

in your soul and memory.


Isn’t it time

you made the promise?

You and I both know

your word is worthless,

but even just going

through the motions

would be better than this.


No sacrament,

no Holy altar.

No magic words,

no lucky stars.

Both of us

have come

far enough

to know who we are.


Change isn’t easy.

The soul is a slippery fish.

Try to grab it,

just to look at it,

and you’re going in the drink,

only to come out

empty handed.


Time pulls back the curtain

and reveals a lot of lies.

We believed things as children

that we defend with our lives.


We deceive ourselves,

and obfuscate.

We do things

we know will harm us

just to escape

the pain,

but in the end,

we only kill ourselves.


Put yourself

in a recovery position.

let yourself

get back

a little strength.

Even if you never win,

you don’t always have to lose

this hard.

We’re all rooting for you,

because you

are worth

the promise.



HG – 2021

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