Living Proof


Start slow,

and let the muscles

take their time.

Deep in your mind,

you know

the ways

of the ancestors.


Come to the front,

not because you want to fight,

but because you want to hear

the end

of the soul screaming,

suffering inside of you.


It has to end


unless you keep

finding new ways

to hurt yourself.


Isn’t it tragic,

the way you wait

to climb those stairs,

every day,

just because you hope

someone will see you fall?


Staring up at the bottom, again.

Lift you up,

and there’s always

some kind

of new wound on you.


You say,

you know

what it’s like to be abused,

but when you look down

at your hands

the blood is on you.

No wonder

you look

so confused.


When we selectively decide

to follow the rules,

and shame others

in place

for their views.

So sick and tired

of riding

the wave of the truth.


Start slow,

and live.

You’re not even

what you imagined.

You’re something else,

something more;

you’re living proof.



HG – 2021

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