A Conversation with Everyone


Put everything in the fire.

See what burns

and what remains.

That’s how you get left

with only bones

and stones for graves.


Build a wall

to save the garden.

Build three more

and make a prison.

You can still see the sky,

but you can’t fly,

or climb your fears

and what you’ve made of them.


It’s never been so simple.

it’s never been so hard.

Swimming is easy.

So, why do so many drown?


Life isn’t complicated,

just breathe and hang around.

We grow up walking early.

So, why do so many fall down?


There’s no end to the quandary,

a puzzle we can’t solve,

but we must resolve

that this world

doesn’t make

unsolvable puzzles

of us.


Today is the same.

The pain doesn’t change.

The sunrise will come

and we’ll be undone,

just like yesterday.


I’ll pull a thread

that unweaves your robes

and we’ll both be naked,

fading, breaking,

cold, and exposed.



you’ll cover me

and I’ll sell my skin

to cover you.

Who are we?

Just what we do.


This world is full

of fake people

and fading places.

Fake memories,

fake words,

and false faces.


But, you are true.

You exist, I’m aware,

and you feel the same

as I do;

lonely and scared.



HG – 2021

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