Time to Smile


These days

the thoughts

burn through my mind,

like a brand,

too long on the hide.

I spend my time

vacillating between

the damned and the divine.


Walked along the line,

but lately I find


too tied up to go.

Like there’s knots

around my limbs,

in my muscles,

and in my throat.


Too choked to speak.

Too scared to say a word,

or make a move.

Stone thrower,

becomes glass house imbued.


Now, it’s me and you,

and I haven’t paid

anymore than lip service,

and this creates

a state of decay.

It’s a disservice to you,

to say we’re okay

when we’re circling the drain.


It’s insane,

the places we create.

Heavens that look like Hell

and Hells that look like Heaven.

I keep thinking,

that I’m gonna wake up

and be somewhere else,

but the dream,

and the waking,

both bring me here.

So, it appears

the same way in the mirror.


Time to smile

and let all the old things die.

It’s long past their time,

I’m satisfied.

We aren’t better off dead,

we’re still alive,

so it’s time to rise,

while we have light in our eyes.


My lies

will never become

promises kept,

and I

won’t ask you

to forget.

I have it in me

to make good

on the days to come.

I hope I’m still someone

you can bet on.


Every day is a grace

this side of the light.

No way

to stay

without a fight.

I can only be so good,

if we only could

set aside the appetites

that feed our fear of life.


These days,

I can’t afford to lose.

I have to choose what’s right;

a life for you.

God knows,

I get lost,

and I get confused,

but that’s not on you, Babe.

You’re the one

keeping me out of the grave.


I hope that I can be

worth all the pain.

I’ll love you,

until the day I die.

These days

are just for you and I.



HG – 2021

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