Light Monsters & The Journey Home


Came through

one more time,

still noting the significance

of each

and every trial;

the beauty of this dissonance.

I used to believe

that monsters didn’t exist

in the daylight,

and that there would only be

one journey home.


Now, I have made

a hundred forays

out into the world,

and I know for sure,

there are things

of light and darkness.

There are monsters

that walk in the day.

There are blacker moments

at noon,

than midnight,

and I have seen them all

along the way.


 I will always

know that feeling

of coming home,

even if it’s for the

hundredth time.

Our wide valley,

shining with golden light,

opens her arms

and the fear is gone.


Every expedition

out into the world;

so inexplicable,

so complicated,

so beautiful

and difficult,

leads me back

to my small piece

of peace upon this Earth.


Where we’re from

is part of who we are.

We know all

the monsters in the dark,

but those that stalk the light

have teeth

just as sharp.

I journey home,

where I leave my heart,

my soul,

my life.

Following the sky,

glowing golden bright.



HG – 2021

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