Touching Water


What is the way?

Why do we feel

the need

to seek

and stretch our arm up

into the air

as if we could hold

the sky

in our hands,

so easy,

just like reaching down

and touching water?


Is it the night,



The heartbeat in our chests,

so loud

in the silence

of the dark.

Our minds alive

with fears of what

tomorrow will bring.


Is it the day,

the light,

the Sun

that banishes

our hiding place,


all our insecurities,

our sins,

and our lies,

and shows us

the only thing

behind us is

our shadow?


Why is our reflection

so distorted

when we

touch the water?


The night sky,

so sublime,

reflected in this

most pristine mountain lake.

We are drawn up

and down

at the same time.

As above,

so below

and ripple all the stars

when we touch the water.



HG – 2021

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