Perceiving Miracles



don’t just happen,

it’s something

in the way we want.

one needs,

one sees

from their perspective,

and all things


into place.


Living is a synergy.

Fight life,

find strife,

and live in entropy.

The world does not


to one reality.

This experience

is more than we

can feel,


and see.


Will it be

enough to save us?

Or are we lost

to the miraculous?

In so many ways

that we could be,

so many more disastrous.

One way in,

through our perceptions.

Changing our minds,

living outright,

scorn our abominations.


Turn eyes

into light

and shine

beyond the common wisdom.

No way,

but through




Tuning in

is really


Out here,

the world is wide

and full of echoes.

Is this the moment?

One of your miracles?

Perspective change,

we rearrange

the possible,

and all things are in play.



HG – 2021

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