Broken Hearts


There are no broken hearts,

only scarred

and wounded people.



displaced and lonely ones,

who have reached out

into the world

and come back

seeing their own blood.


What do we do

with those of us

who come back from the dark,

and the light,

and the war,

to see themselves

somehow diminished,

made less

by their experience?


We all take off

the skin we wear

in hopes that we might be


for who we are.

Then, when we do

feel something

we can call “Love”,

the dart

and the dagger

come to nest

in our chests;

and we change inside.


So vulnerable.

It has to be


to be alive,

and die,

and not be okay,

when we come

into the world


and lost,

and scared,

and violated.


Did we not know

that feeling


that can be felt,

is normal?

We are all

made of scars;

no broken hearts.



HG – 2021

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