This thorn

won’t be the one

you catch me on.

Betrayed by

something beautiful.

Draw me in

and hold me down,

begging now,

but not for my freedom.

Lift me up

and help me out.


I’m naked

and covered in wounds.

I earned every one.

Called me by my name

and tried to

get control of my spirit.

And to think

I trusted you

with my life

and my soul.


I took one look

at how the eagle flew

and you

tried to stake me down.

I’m not around.

I found a way out.

Cost me some skin,

but then again,

that’s how you know

it’s important.


I bet you thought

I’d be an easy game.

I hope you learned

the hard way.

I pray

that you’re still learning,

because I can’t just

shut off the pain.


I’m gone,

off on a wing.

Wind will carry me

as far as I need

and I guarantee

you haven’t

heard the last

of me.

My name

is gonna be

a haunting refrain.

Consider it payback

for all the thorns

you stuck in me.



HG – 2021

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