Even a little thing

like this,

makes a world

of difference.

There isn’t a thing

that exists

that is of no consequence.


Every little thing matters.

Trust is does,


that means

we matter, too.


Seems so insignificant,

so weak,

so small.

Never gonna

amount to much,

swing the axe,

throw the punch

that topples

the biggest

and the baddest

that this world

has to offer.


Even this little thing,

this one,

this hope,

this breath,

taken outside

and allowed to flourish,

fills the garden,

and the yard,

then the county.

Fills the whole world

and becomes



This little thing,

from you to me.

Spread around

mouth to mouth.

Ear to mind.

Eye to hand.

Day to night

and then,

it’s everywhere.


Spreading an idea

with one word.

Spreading life,

like the wind.

Growing up

to be something  because,

even a little thing

is significant.



HG – 2021

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