There is no exclusion;

right from left,

up from down.

We are only here

for a little while,

life and death

breed in us.


Venture to the wall

and see if there

exists in you,

the courage

to turn and face

the firing squad.



have you been


with the narrow view

behind the rifle sights?


We are one and all.

One day one,

the next,

a part of everyone.

A faceless

voice in the crowd,

vengeful and anonymous.



you get singled out,

tribute called,

a thing to be devoured.

Homogeny that kept you,

now exposes a vein.


Watch the crowd

turn on one

of its own.

Nothing goes to waste

in any ecosystem.


We might as well

be honest

with each other,

with ourselves;

there is no reward

for crying the loudest,

or hiding in silence.


Every end

is the same.

The only thing

you’ll be remembered for

is how you took it

when the moment came.



HG – 2021

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