Punching Down


They’re gonna call you out.

So much for safety

amongst the crowd.

If you open your mouth,

better be prepared

to be ground down.


They’re gonna drag you.

Ask the ones who came before,

if you can even find them.

Stabbing all the avatars,

trying to pierce

the minds behind them.


Suffering a loss

hits different when

it’s public,

but purely psychological.

Mental scars don’t heal,

they become

rampant pathologies.


No apologies, here.

Read the room.

Taste the atmosphere

and you get

blood in the water,

shame and hate,

for us it’s too late.


There’s no way

to discriminate

between friend or foe

in a virtual world.

The AI is cold,

and the human mind

much more so.


Looking up

and punching down,

stealing crowns,

and storming castles.

It would be amazing

if this all were

building something more

than clans of assholes.


Assassinate my mind

with your

perfectly timed,

insightful revelation.

My obliteration,

right in front of your eyes,

but only if I

read your words

with mine.


Don’t think I’m here

to do anything,

but change your mind.



HG – 2021

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