Light and Darkness


Waking up

and there are still stars

in the sky.

I thought it was a dream,

but then you reminded me

that we were in

eternal darkness.

A sky that hung above us,

showing us

a billion distant suns,

but ours,

an absentee, delinquent.


We came

from a place

where the light shines

and the sun never sets.

A bright infection,

no longer blinding,

as most have ceased to see.

We had heard


of a land of shadows,

where dreams

were still a possibility.


We knew nothing of darkness.

not the night,

nor the type

that lives within us.

A world that we

never thought to explore.

We were told,

since children,

that we were perfect.

We didn’t know

how damaged

we’d become.


In a daylight world

we were force fed

ideas and images.

We thought that we could know

and see it all.


in this place

of perpetual twilight,

we become

new mysteries to solve.


We have hope

that we can heal our wounds,

and bring

light and darkness

back together,




HG – 2021

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