Hokus Grey

What more do I have to offer you?

What more could I give?

What more do you want?

What other piece of myself have I not shared?

What words,

what thoughts,

what acts have I not devoted to you?

What blood,

what sweat,

what seed have I not given to you?

What flesh would satiate your hunger?

What bits of brain and bone would appease you?


Devourer of men,

heartless and bottomless void.

I would carve out my own heart if it would quiet you.

I would drain my body of every fluid to slake your endless thirst.

This world is a vampire.

This world is a succubus.

Devil concubine.

Unholy and repugnant allure.


Take it from me.


I yearn for you.

In the dead of winter I love your stark absence of life;

the dearth of fecundity.

In summer,

I languish in your hellish heat;

knowing every…

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