The Cusp


It’s stupid to stand there

on the edge

and not jump.

Sure, you can lie to yourself

and say

that you’ve enjoyed the view,

but up here,

looking out

over all of this,

this climb;

doesn’t it make you wish

that you could fly?


We spend our whole lives


No better than insects,

or rodents,

but even they

have found a way

to spout wings

and fly.

What is our excuse?


We say we love the climb,

but does anyone

truly enjoy

the hard scramble

up towards the sky?

Hand over hand,

holding on and trying

not to fall,

for the mountain heights

do not yield their gifts easily

to the flightless.


We tell ourselves,

“It’s worth it.”

to stand on the summit.

A crowning glory,

achievement unlocked,

bucket list item fulfilled.

But still,

in our hearts,

we have to bear

the undeniable shame

of having






It’s stupid to stand there

on the edge,

dreaming of wings

we’ll never have.

No matter how high we climb,

the sky is still above us

and the Earth is still below.

We stand,

trapped somewhere in the middle,

on the cusp of flight.



HG – 2021

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