Taking the Stairs


Breaking my heart again.

Falling down my crystal stairway.

The brilliance of the dawn

replaced by a golden epilogue.


I try to find my feet,

but like my Faith,

they have forsaken me.


Strive as I might,

I have never

found a use for the word


It’s as if the syllable’s

a jester,

mocking me

and haranguing my mental state.


Once burgeoning epithets

die on the tongue

and I have no strength left

for a counter.



I remain.

And time,

as the ocean tide,

returns to me my buoyancy.

Lifts me up

and places me back

at the foot

of an Escher’s staircase.


Wounds fresh,

but healing.


I lift my eyes again.



HG – 2021

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