New World Order


Open up your eyes.

It’s time.

You’ve had a few years, now

to shake the chaos

out of your head

and start to see the patterns

out here.


It’s time

to take your mind

out of the world

that you designed

and start living outside,

because everything else

has been a lie.


I hope you’re ready to kill

to survive.

I hope you’re okay

with an endless sky.

I know you’re scared,

the world never prepared you

to really be alive.


They wanted a slave.

They wanted a drone.

They wanted someone

they could control,

but here we are, now

under the stars

and we still have our souls.


It’s going to break you

to have to

let go

of all of the people

you’ve known.

You’re starting

to watch it unfold.

It’s had to deny it

when it’s not so quiet;

it’s running full throttle.


Just get off the ride.

Just step outside.

There is so

much more

to life.

The secret is

what they are trying to hide.


You are you.

Just open your eyes.

It is time.

Don’t be afraid.

All the old things

go away

and new things




HG – 2021

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