The Man in the Grey Suit


Black eyes

and grey skin.

Soulless dead,

but hunger still.

Mind of a predator,

more machine

than resembling

the biological.


Dark waters.

Dark nights.

A force of nature,


Have you tried

not eating

at the feast table?


when there is

but one directive.



is akin to

no longer breathing.

Hold your breath

until consciousness fades

and you will find yourself

gulping down air



as if your body

and mind

need it to survive.


So it is,

with the man

in the grey suit;

he’s just getting by.

He takes us

one at a time.

You’ll know him

by his smile.


But he’s

not pleased,

that’s just the shape

of his face.

You see,

he has

so many teeth.


A negative;

his light

a shadow.




Comes and goes

from his old

feeding grounds,

barely on the edge

of our awareness.


He smells  blood.

He’s drawn to death.

The strife in our lives

spills out

onto the street

and becomes

his ambrosia.



then disappearing.


into the

endless dark.

There is

no time,

no reason

for his kind,

they simply are.


The soulless eyes,

the nameless dread.


in killing style.

He comes,

then he is gone

for a little while.



HG – 2021

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