How can I show you

the sunrise through my eyes?

I pick you up

and you fall apart

every time.

You say that you

want to know

what’s going on in my mind,

but you’re just a shell

of yourself,

there’s nothing left inside.


Do you want to live

through me?

Do you want to feel

like I do?

Are you a leech,

or a vampire?

Has something drained the life

from you,

and left you a broken

and hollow creature,

holding on to me

with your teeth in my neck?


I begin to suspect

that you have no

life of your own.

You complain

when you have to rise.

If I drag you out

in front

of another sunrise

will I have

anything left of you,

but ash?


Let me salt my own wounds

and leave

with the dawn.

let me salt the earth

in my wake

and move on.

Let nothing of you follow me

from this place.

They world is too pretty

to be

just a grave.


It’s got more

than we need

to feed

and devour each other.

I have decided

that today

I won’t be prey.



HG – 2021

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