The Dream Eaters


In another space,

another time,

we would be different,

you and I,

but not every dream

is remembered

upon waking.


Forgetting is a merciful act.

Amnesia a blessing.

We don’t know

what we’re missing

when the sun chases the moon.

Time goes by,

but sometimes,

I wish to God that it did not.


Freezing a moment in time,

if only to let it suffuse

into our being

and be in it for eternity.

We are not for memories.

Those little re-runs in our heads

are less than that which makes us.


The pictures,

the sounds,

the smells,


are not enough to sustain us.

We are creatures

of waking flesh

and we feed

upon these moments.

We starve in the dream,

that’s why

sometimes we eat them.


There might have been a time,

a place,

a singularity

of existence

where we shared the same dreamscape,

breathed the same atmosphere,

but this world moves on

in a wild orbit,

through a universe

expanding into the unknown,

and us with it.


We cannot survive

on memories,

for even our dreams

escape us.


in the present moment,

we must feed

on a future

that sustains us.



HG – 2021

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