The Shape of Reality


Wandering in

from the new frontier,

looking forlorn

and desperate.

These things

aren’t all as they appear;


full of sustenance.


This is the way of the world.

We told the children,

“Don’t be strong,

just weaponize your weakness.”

Now  we walk

amongst the piles

of our dead.

Our ultimate achievement

is killing ourselves.


Are we moving

in circles

that expand out


From that first explosion,

still just vain projectiles,

coursing through the stars?

Or are we riding

and ever tightening


back down into the singularity

of who we are?


I guess that depends

on the shape of reality.

We bring ourselves

and our friends

to the party.

To what end?

do we care?

It’s so disappointing.

We’re aware

of our fate,

but we keep right on,

killing for the thrill.


It doesn’t have to make sense,

for chaos is a fire.

We’re into a new space,

we have been for a while.

We keep playing the same games,

we’re so clever,

so much guile.

The look on our face

as we learn our place

is a death smile.



HG – 2021

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