Changing the medium,

moving through some

new atmosphere.

Testing the ground,

take a step

in a new gravity.


Feeling it pull you down,

not what it was,

but still no danger

of floating away.


The nightmare flight

replays every evening.

Impossible to suppress

all of the feelings

that come

when you’re not held down.


Crushed under

a beautiful

blue sky.

Sweating out

the terror

from inside.

Letting go

of what you

kept in mind

for so long;

new medium,

new song,

new light.


It’s as easy

as going from the

water to the earth

and from the earth to the air.

A cycle of death

and rebirth.

You’re luminescent, now.

Achieved a higher calling,

immersed yourself around.


Once new,

now you

are a creature of it.

This new,


beautiful experience.

Now it is

what you are.

When will you

reach the stars?



HG – 2021

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