Time to Kill


Maybe it’s all the same?

We only come out of this

one way.

The stars we wish upon

die before our words reach them,

but we don’t stop wishing.


We look into each other’s eyes,

unless we’re wounded

and we hide.

No contract remains,

only the day

we leave this place.


Full your cup,

or run on empty.

Pour it in until it spills.

Turn the page of Revelations

and there you’ll find

there’s more than time to kill.


Vision is a haunting.


voices of the dead,

moving you up onward.

This is why they say,

“Don’t listen to the voices in your head.”


Try to run away, now.

Try to seek the sky.

Try to find the wisdom

waiting up on high.

Come and climb the mountain,

play “King of the Hill”.

You’ll learn on your ascension,

you have more than time to kill.


Standing on the summit,

bathed in golden light,

full of Serotonin,

low oxygen, dopamine high.

Do you find the wise man,

or the creature in the cave?

What if you discover

that they are one and the same?


Careful coming down, now.

All you have left is our name,

but you will get a new one,

when you get back again.


Crawling through

an open window,

or have you found a key

to the door?

An avenue to renew

your perceptions,

a way to step away

from life before.


We all get along fine

in this existence,

feel the momentum build,

but you’ll need something more,

the minute you admit

you have more than time to kill.



HG – 2021

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