Dig the Well


Pushed away,




another lie

that served you well.




I bet you thought

you were in Hell.


No choice,

but the voices

of the vagrant

passing through your head

in tune with them.

I often wondered

how your operated,

you were so compromised

back then.



this is how

your world ends;

you breaking through,

to make it out.

Standing under

your own sky

for the first time.

I watch you break

at the corners

of  your mouth.


From chained,


to undaunted.

Burning with the light

of a new sun.

Blinding by any


You’re come so far,

you think you’ve won.


I guess time’s

gonna tell you

the whole story.

It’s not up to me

to dig the well.

You’re gonna find out

it’s all illusion.

You’re gonna think

that you’re in Hell.


I’m sorry

it ends up

like this.

No one


a life like this.

But everyone lives one,

just like you,

we’re so easily abused.





Once cooled,

you are suitable to devour.

I often wonder

if some people know,

the day,

the hour.


But, you look so surprised

to be

set up

and abandoned.

So quietly accepting

of your fate.

I have half a mind

to save you,

but you turn away

and it’s too late.



HG – 2021

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