Take Your Hand


It’s time I took your hand

and we turned our backs

on all of this.

It’s time we walked

out in the rain

away from what we made.


Secret life

and sacred space.

Demon haunted


No escape from what we say,

as long as we remain.


Sunrise comes up

every day,

and we repeat the same things,

do what we did yesterday

and pray for change.


It’s okay

for a little while,

until the pot

comes to a boil,

and your sad and angry tears

hit the floor once more,

and the darkness

behind my eyes grows.


How else could I show you

how much I love you,

than to take your hand

and turn our backs

on this dream

that never was?


The only noises

we hear in this house

are the whispers,

of the ghosts

of our

haunting disappointments.

I’m to blame,

and you’re to blame.


The only way

away from this place,

is our two feet

and the will

to finally break the circle,

that we seek to complete

with every revolution

of the day,

every repetition

of the ways

that made us fall in love,

but made us both insane.


I think I could take your hand

and walk away

any day,




HG – 2021

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