In Existence


I’m not a part

of your delusion.

I’m not a friend.

I’m not an enemy.


We are just

two different people

living in

different worlds,

but we

share the same space,

and we

share the same time.

It is too easy

to fall into

our places

and speak our lines.


I’m in existence.

You’re living, too.

Everything I am

is because of you.

Everything you are,

all you’ve become

is the result of


that you’ve had

with everyone.


I’m an echo.

You’re a reflection.

I’m a part

of everything

you’ve ever been.

You’re in me,

I’m in you.

I’m your influence.

You’re my muse.


Both of us

are existing

for now,


In each of us

a tiny part



We were once

the stuff of stars.

We go back

to what we are;


even when apart.



HG – 2021

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