Sometimes it’s like I

don’t even recognize

this life,

your eyes.

Is this some other sky?


Losing every touchstone.


and I am still alone,

under some other moon.


Is it just me,

or is that Ganymede?

Is this world

big enough

to hold its gravity?


Open my eyes

and it was all a dream,

until I feel myself falling

back to this reality.


Holding on

is all I’ve ever had.

If my fingers

lose their grip

upon the fringes,

I hope you understand.


Travelling between worlds

leaves me

with an

uncertain purchase on this one.


It’s easy for me,

you see,

to mistake our moon

for Ganymede.


in the right time,

the right season,

you’d even believe

we’re not where we

seem to be.


Some places

the walls wear thin.


things draw close.


We can feel it,

hear it,

like someone’s knocking

on the door

of our subconscious.


I’m here now,

with you.

You are here

with me.

We’re experiencing

this reality.


Don’t worry,

we were made for this.



HG – 2021

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