Empty Spaces


It feels empty

in the place

where there should be


Heart still beating,

mind still wondering,

soul still yearning,

hands still working,

feet still moving,

eyes still seeing,

mouth still sinning.


Everything is where

it should be,

but the absence

is inescapable.


You are with me,

my lover,

my partner,

my friend.

I’ve got time;

or, at least as much

as anyone else.

I’ve got money,

food on the table,

roof over my head,

and a bottle of whisky

for whenever I get to thinking.


Still there’s echoes

in the spaces

that used to be full.

There’s no wide open plains,

just buildings and cars

and people.

There’s no sunrise,

or sunset,

or sweat,

or blood,

or trial.


I’m alive,

but I’m feeling

like I’m missing something

vital to life.


Lost in this

convenient comfort

 and complicit conflict

that dulls me,

until I’m not myself.

I’m missing something

that used to be

part of me;

something out there

to the West.



HG – 2021

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